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While we are under construction, membership is by invitation only.

Go here to learn more about how you can be invited to join us.


If you are already a member, enter your username and password.(1) 

If you remember at least your email account or username then you can recover the information. (2). Otherwise we cannot help you.

After four failed attempts to log in you will be locked out for 24 hours. Make sure to request account information recovery before you let that happen.



After you log in, a greeting will appear in the upper right. If you select your name (3) you will be presented with a drop-down menu.


Your profile is at the heart of Q54Club. The 54 questions we present here are of no value if you never ever get around to answering them.

So, after you log in, select Edit My Profile (4) and answer a question or two.


Your profile questions are organized into 6 groups (5):

  • BASE- Basic info like gender, age, education, etc. Rather than duplicate information show your links to other websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • YOU () – 13 questions about you.
  • PEOPLE () – 13 questions about other people.
  • WORLD () – 13 questions about the world.
  • WORK () – 13 questions about your work.
  • MEANING () – 2 questions about mortality and purpose.


You can control who can see your answers. If you do not like the visibility setting for a field click on Change (6) and select one of the options (7). Note that it is a physical impossibility to prevent the people who administer the computers that run Q54Club to see the data stored there, and that is why “Admins Only” is the most restrictive option.


If you are logged in then when you flip over a card a new link will appear (8) that will allow you to go directly to the profile page for the question so you can answer it.


Enjoy Q54Club. We hope you make lots of friends, and evolve your answers to our questions as you learn more, reflect, and evolve. If you have any issues with the website, please write to us at: admin (at) q54club.org. Now click on BROWSE ALL CARDS to the left to get back to the home page..


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