How should we greet new members?

I (Brooke Allen, founder of Q54Club) want to know:

1) How would you greet new members if you were me? At a minimum, comment on how you would  improve on how I greeted you.

2) How would you greet new members to this club as  you? Think about how you could do this in ways I could not because it would be inauthentic. For example, I am an old white male. If you are a young black female, how would you greet another young black female in a way I never could?

Here are the design objectives:

  • This greeting should make good people feel welcome and bad people feel this is not going to be worth their time.
  • The greeting must make the following things clear:
    1. Civility rules. Critics are welcome, particularly if they volunteer to fix what they don’t like, but haters are unwelcome. We’ve purchased, and we’ll help them organize over there, but not here.
    2. Because Brooke is the founder and owner, until the rules change, the #1 rule is that if he has to get involved then what he says is final. He doesn’t have an interest in hearing both sides of an argument so it is likely he will kick you both out.
    3. There are many of you and one of Brooke, so  it is unreasonable to expect him to voluntarily take time away from his career, his family, his other passions, and everything else he cares about to address your interests. Express yourself in forums or in your profile, and if he can he’ll respond, but don’t take it personally if he doesn’t. Somebody probably will, but if they don’t, try to be more interesting to more people.
    4. If you can brag about yourself on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, do so there, not here.
    5. This is not a dating site

Add to this anything else you think a greeting should say.

Post your suggested greetings as replies to this post.

Thanks in advance,


PS. Let me clarify the point about this not being a dating site…

Amazing things happens when people go public with truthful heart-felt answers to reflective questions that reveal faults, soul, character, and a commitment to integrity. Not only do such people tend to land choice jobs, they also attract a better class of people. Sometimes they fall in love. To prohibit any of that would be inhuman. Not only would I be thrilled if all those things happen to you, it is the whole point.

In order to understand what I mean by treating this like a dating site let me tell you a story. About 20 minutes before dropping me off at college my dad pulled me aside and said that we’d never had a conversation about sex and now was the time.

I was greatly embarrassed.

After a long pause, he said, “Don’t lie.”

I said, “Is that it?”

He said, “Pretty much.” Then after a longer pause, he said, “One more thing; beware of the lie you tell yourself because that is the one people will believe.” Then I was a 17-year-old virgin and had no idea what he was talking about, but now I do, and I suspect you do too. If nobody tells lies, even ones they believe, then this will not become a dating site.


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