Q54Club is built by many people who form a community.


Publicly Disclose answers to the following questions:

      • Who am I?
      • Who is important?
      • What do I need to know?
      • What do I want to do?

Commit to the following principles:

      • Authenticity – Striving to be who you say you are.
      • Accountability – Being accountable to the people who are important  to you and holding them accountable too.
      • Growth – Becoming more knowledgeable, skilled, and wise; and teaching other.
      • Integrity – Doing what you say you will do, and stating the principles by which you live.

 Help build our community:

      • Support each other.
      • Promote honest reflection.
      • Provide resources for everyone, whether a member of this community or not.

Are good citizens:

      • Of our own nations.
      • Of the world.
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